SimpleMal returned Error Code, what next?

Created 2006-01-12 by Michael Meckelein.
Last update 2006-02-07 by Michael Meckelein.

If SimpleMail returns an error, some checks can be done. Often it is not a SimpleMail issue rather an issue of the mail server.

First of all, please use LastStatus and LastStatusMessage properties in order to get the error code and message. This message is often really helpful for troubleshooting. Further, please check the following: Please check the following:

  • If you have entered the right ip/name of the mail server?
  • Does the mail server reply of a ping request (on command line "ping mailserverip")?
  • Does the mail server accept smtp requests?
    Please type in the following on command line: "telnet mailserverip 25" in order to contact the mail server on port 25. Does the connection work? Maybe your mail server uses another port instead of port 25 for mail.
  • Make sure that no firewall (like Windows XP Firewall) is blocking SimpleMail.

Error Code and Error Message:

Code 550
  • 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for name@example.com

    - the mail server requires SMTP authentication
    In this case, please use the the UseAuthentication property and set it to 1. Also don't forget to set username and password.

    - the mail server you are using does not allow relaying
    We recommend that relaying is enabled for the local IP range that you are coming from. This will not interfere with Internet SPAM protection. If this the reason, please contact your mail administrator.

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