Does SimpleMail work with RDS?

Created 2000-11-23 by Rainer Gerhards.

We are interested in using SimpleMail together with Microsoft Remote Data Services (RDS). I wonder if that is possible. 

Answer from Adiscon: Adiscon SimpleMail versions 2.5 and above support remote data servcies (RDS) natively. With RDS, the COM control is instanciated over a HTTP link. All communication between the client and the server is via HTTP (and IIS). The component itself, however, is executed at the server under MTS control. By its very nature, RDS is stateless. This is because the HTTP protocol does not permit any sessions. As such, properties can not be used with RDS.

Adiscon SimpleMail includes a special method - OneStopSend() - that allows to send email with a single call. As such, it is stateless and can be used together with RDS. Please note that there is a performance penalty with stateless execution. SimpleMail usually tries to cache some information between method calls in order to save some performance. The stateless functions do have no state (as their name implies) and as such can not do these optimizations. Adiscon SimpleMail nevertheless is a high performing component even in this scenario.

To the best of our knowledge, no other SMTP mail control supports RDS.

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